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Also engage audience with our innovative advertising tools.

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We are an Affiliate + Native Advertising Network = High Profit



We provide various formats of Advertising which allows you to choose the best choice that fits your need with Digital + Outdoor Advertising.


We are providing all possible Ad Concepts to our Publishers to start earning money from Day-One. Make money with every Impression, every View, every Click, every Download, every Install, every Sale.


Buy oudoor advertising stuff like hoardings,unipole advertisiment etc from The One Networks at cheap rates.

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Joining Advantages

Fast Payout

Our network sends money to you every week. Payment options include PayPal[Internation Member], PayTM[Indian Member], and Check and also we support custom payout contact us for more.

24/7 support

Create ticket if you are a member or send us a email at support[at], Tickets are responded to in less than 24 hours.

Best Advertising Network

With innovative tools you have opportunity to monitize your blog with our advertising network which allows you show our different ad format in your blog and increase your earnings.

Affiliate Marketing

We had partnershiped with over 400+ merchant to do affiliate marketing with single account, all you need to do is just search merchant and shrink link to make affiliated link and earn money on every sale or install.

Hosting & Storage

Upload unlimited files and host share them with your friends, social network etc and earn money. Note- we have two type of file hosting service by which you can earn with two different hostings

  • Pay Per Download With Survey / File Locker: Upload your file in our Host Server. Whenever a visitor try to download the file, he will be asked to fill a survey. You will get paid for each time the visitor fills the survey.
  • Pay Per Download Without Survey / File Manager: Visitor need to type captcha like all file hosting website does.

Link Shortening Service

We offers two type of link shortening service see below.

  • Link Locker: Whenever a visitor try to unlock the link, he will be asked to fill a survey. You will get paid for each time the visitor fills the survey.
  • Shorten URL: Shorten URL is same as Link Locker, but here the visitor have to wait 10 seconds in our Ad landing page to open the link in his browser..

Live Data

Get live statistics of your account with our higly detailed dashboard.Our sophisticated user interface boasts an in-depth array of statistical reporting tools to help you gain valuable insights into your traffic sources and promotional methods, enabling you to see what works, what doesn't, and use this data to make more money.

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Advertiser Advantages

Digital Advertising

The second great service would be about advertising. There would be numbers of different formats of advertising that will allow you to use the best choice which will definitely fit your needs. Some services as advertiser would include the following:

  • Pay-Per-Click – we are to use this internet advertising model in order to direct traffic into your websites.
  • Pay-Per- View – this type of service is a type of pay television service wherein subscriber of the television service provider could purchase events in order to view through private telecast therefore generating income.
  • Cost-Per- Impression – this would be of best choice by those that are in focus with brand awareness.
  • Bidding – we are into providing competitive bidding that will surely help many of our clients generate more income

Those are among the services offered by The One Networks in terms of being an advertiser. There will also be an assurance of quality and so detecting and preventing fraudulent activity as well. There will also be contextual advertising concept that will provide you the best quality result wherein every single amount that you are to spend will give the results that you deserve the most. And also, clients are to choose whether where your advertisement be shown based on your location.

Quality Advertising

We assure 100% quality for our Advertisers. Our codes are written to detect and prevent any Fraudulent activity.

Contextual Advertisement

Our Contextual Advertising Concept provides you the best quality result. Every single penny you spend will give the desired results you want.

Get Targeted Traffic

Choose where your Advertisement to be shown, based on Geographic locations, Keyword Etc.

Outdoor Advertising

Since billboards are generally placed along highways and busy streets, you'll be guaranteed that people will see your advertising.

Target your customers locally via our OOH or Outdoor Advertising, We have wide range of OOH/Outdoor/Billboards banner across all countries.

Buy hoardings/billboards etc online from our largest hoardings marketplace and target your customers locally.We have many type of media to advertise oudoor.

  • Hoarding
  • Unipole Hoarding
  • Mall Advertising
  • Bus Shelter Advertising
  • Auto Rickshaw Advertising
  • Digital Outdoor Advertising
  • LCD/LED Outdoor Advertising
  • Pole Advertising
  • Other

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